Life Coaching reflects your authentic BEING in ACTION.

This Is The Time To Empower Yourself

Life is full of joy, honor, and responsibility, we may experience life challenges and uncertainty. Strengthening your inner self is an important consideration during this stage of your life.


Join Our Global Circle

Join our global sunshine circle! The circle’s purpose is to create a gathering place for you to learn, grow, be healed, and receive support from those who share similar experiences. Whoever you are, our personal development circle welcomes you to participate actively or passively in the activities. 




Optimistic ~ Authentic ~ Hope ~ Engagement

You can activate your self-leadership and triumph in your own life through practicing optimism, authenticity, hope, and engagement.

Inner Rejuvenation Coaching Program

The inner rejuvenation coaching program is based on coaching psychology. The theories explain human behavior as a result of increasing intrinsic motivation, self-regulation, and well-being. This creative coaching process partners with you through thought-provoking interactions and strength activation to boost self-regulation engagement.



Embark Your Life

Deeper emotions, past burdens, or root problems can irritate us at our state of consciousness. According to the concept of serendipity, your life’s purpose and curiosity enable you to discover the part of you that is unknown. Through the connection to self, you can embark on a new life journey through healing your past and releasing your future.






Our Services

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a designed system that embraces the whole-person and uses client-centered approaches to bring people’s desired futures to fulfillment. Coaching is a unique model retaining the contribution of psychology to develop and implement your ideal life with the coach’s support. As a professional coach, Dr. Clara is committed to providing you with a sense of connection, belonging, and significance in the caregivers’ world. Utilizing multiple strategies, Dr. Clara supports and assists you in maximizing results in your personal and professional lives by eliciting solutions and enhancing the skills, resources, and creativity you already possess.



Life Transformation Made Simple

From complex to simple

From chaotic to orderly

From sadness to joy

From stressful to calm

From doing to being

From limited to flexible



What You Will Get From The Programs


This plan aims to learn how to empower and strengthen yourself through life coaching.



The plan may increase your self-leadership ability to control your life issues.



Refresh is a journey to develop self-regulation.


Embark is a program designed to release from our hurt or pain to live in the present.

Which Words are The Best Describe Your Situation?

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Online Coaching Or Therapy Works For Me?

The benefits of online coaching or therapy are increasing significantly across the globe. Wherever you are, you can access our services. We recognize that as a busy caregiver, you may lack personal time for yourself. Online coaching or therapy may be the choice for you to make a difference in your life now.

 Today, people worldwide are suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing is necessary to prevent the disease from spreading further throughout our country. As a caregiver to seniors, you can benefit from the ease of online support to care for yourself.


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